With Bravery I Share My Gifts With You

Prior to working with Spirit… I worked for almost a decade as a Registered Midwife and primary care provider to hundreds of birthing families.  I founded It Starts With Birth, an online lifestyle and education community aimed at encompassing the whole person: body, mind and soul.

As young as 3 I can remember needing to be in nature, by the sea, lake or amongst the trees and little creatures, taking in the sounds, smells, and sensations, lost in the medicine and magic.


I am Angela; with bravery I share my gifts with you.

When I listen, Spirit speaks through mother earth, father sky, and the ethers.

As a young child I was awake to the magic of Spirit, but conditioning and trauma closed the portal for many years, becoming a faint voice in the background.

I questioned and doubted the magic.

I am a survivor…

To survive, I had to teach myself to quickly read people and situations. I taught myself to escape by leaving my body, eventually learning to be the witness in the background of my life’s experiences.

Being conditioned and not living my calling was painful on many levels.

I chose to rekindle my inner fire and reopen the portal to knowing, Spirit, and magic.

I once again became lost in nature.

I studied, explored, and shifted my thoughts and energy, and healed missing aspects of my soul into a better existence!

I have a deep understanding of the Spirit world.

I know I do not exist within reality. Reality exists within me…my inner dialogue and beliefs create my reality.

I can help you, transform yourself.

I take great joy and pride in helping people find and settle into the lives they deserve!


Come home to who you truly are...

“Always in motion, always in sync, nature is my finest reflection! She calls me each day to wander and roam her arena in any way I choose. She holds no judgement of me.

Experiencing and labelling...only humans do this. The forest does not. She is my teacher, my mother, she holds me unconditionally, in turn allowing me to be Me.

We came from nature, we are nature, love her, allow her to love you. Spend more time outside, get to know her. She's beautiful, dynamic, and amazing. She's you!



Gratitude & Thanks to My Teachers

I thank Alison for her magic, Doug for his deep trust and allowing, Fiji and Mary for their yogi wisdom, Lindsay for her energy, Megan for her wild soul, my children for their many lessons, all those from nutrition and midwifery school, and all the babies I’ve caught. My greatest teacher of all, my husband Chadwick, you have brought to light my ability to love and be loved, past ego into trust. I thank my soul for vibrating within reach of these amazing beings.