Healing with Ritual

   Come home to who you truly are...

Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Work, Medicine Journey, Nature Immersion, & Sacred Spirit Healing


Angela Rennie

Spiritual Practitioner; Apprentice in Plant Spirit Meditation, Herbalism Student, Craniosacral Theraphy, Witch, Energy-Worker, Intuitive, Psychedelic Education & Integration, Nature Spirit Guide, RYT, Holistic Nutritionist, & Registered Midwife

“Beyond the boundaries of conditioning, we find ourselves.” - Angela


The work I offer is rooted in a deep belief that everyone and everything holds an essence or life force energy. At times this energy or essence may need to be shifted, recharged, or brought back home to achieve optimum balance.

I work with intuitive knowing. I understand that wellness is grounded within balance and I believe our nervous system is connected to our internalized belief systems and energy fields. The state of our nervous system, from past experiences to future unknowns, plays a key role in how we digest and integrate our life’s experiences. Energy, essence, our minds, and our physical bodies work together to create the experience of what we call life.

The world is shifting and many of us are being called to a more balanced lifestyle and a simpler, more mindful existence. I invite you to explore, to reconnect with the true you, and to find the life you deserve. The possibilities are infinite! To heal yourself is to heal the world.


The body contains our entire life experience.

We could say that it is our home. We begin to consider the complex and elegant ways in which the body, as much as it houses our physical anatomy - bones, muscles, blood stream, organs and body parts - correspondingly contains feelings, emotions, memories, thoughts, past/present imprints and future potentials.

Our physical bodies are not separate from our feelings and emotions, images, thoughts - our physical anatomy reflects the anatomy of our psyche.”

- Daria Halprin