What might a session look like?
My work is always uniquely tailored to the individual and therefore all sessions will vary. That being said, most sessions will begin with a heart-centred meditation followed by a consultation in which we explore your core beliefs and recurring life patterns.

Once the stuck energy or entity is identified, we will begin to discover how best it can be transmuted using a combination of energy healing techniques. These may include burning plants (smudging), chanting, drumming, using touch therapy as well as other sacred tools to assist in the process. 

I may do a shamanic journey on your behalf and return with a ritual prescription, message, Spirit animal, plant, or other entity from the unseen universe of the Spirit world. Rituals may be suggested to assist in the healing and integration process.

Where do sessions take place?
Your space, my space, on the land, online (via Zoom or Facetime), or by phone.

I welcome clients into my space and I can also arrange to come to you. If in nature, I have many beautiful places to take you; it will just depend on your fitness level and desire to explore… we will work this out together. An initial in “office” appointment is necessary before we dive into the forest work.

Your Personal Support Systems
Support systems must be in place to allow for the potential emotional shifts that can take place after this work.

“These pains you feel are messengers, listen to them” Rumi